The Great Trip Travel Style

The "Great Trip" Travel Style

With a Great Trip book as your guide-on-the-side and companion, prepare yourself for a new experience in international travel, with no “get back to the bus”! You will not be traveling in a group. But you will not be alone out there on your own either. And so the quality of your experience will significantly surpass that of any group or ad hoc trip you’ve taken in the past. You will know exactly what to do, why you want to do it, and how to do it, every step of the way.

Have the Full Experience

History to walk around in. Phenomenal food. Parks and cafés. People-watching opportunities. Eating outdoors, with views of cathedrals, or rivers, or châteaux, or the tides coming in. Villages and old towns, some walled, some tiny, some medieval, some situated within a larger city, some perched on hilltops. Children in the squares, laughing as they ride the town Merry-go-Round. Fountains and gardens, with benches for pausing. Outdoor markets. Charming shops. Unexpected encounters. Vivid memories.

Visit Great Destinations

Join us on a series of remarkable 2-week Great Trips (with 1-week versions also available) to France, to Italy, elsewhere in Europe, and in the USA and Canada. Your trips will be rich in experiences you will remember forever…experiences that will have an impact on you and your approach to life. Each of these will be a “trip of a lifetime.”

Visit at the Best Time

Spring or Fall will be wonderful times to travel in Europe. You will want to be outdoors as much as possible, and so traveling while it is fresh and temperate will be a great advantage. Also, depending on where you are traveling, you may not find air conditioning to be as ubiquitous as it is the the US.

Stay in the Heart of It

You will be booking accommodations that make for their own memorable experiences, situated in prime locations, so when you walk out the door, you already will “be there” in the heart of it all. A room in a charmingly restored 17th century manor house, with a French balcony overlooking the Loire… A small hotel at the base of an ancient abbey… A charming apartment on the left bank, near the Seine… And so the place you stay will become an essential part of the full experience of your trip…at the heart of what you have come to see and experience.

Travel Confidently by Train

You will be traveling by train, so you will face none of the heady challenges of independent travel by car. Instead, you will have the luxury of relaxing as you pass through the vibrant landscapes, possibly even drifting into a contented nap to reenergize yourself for your next venture. Using the excellent European rail system will help you bypass many of the daunting, even overwhelming, trials you otherwise would be forced to face the moment you set foot in France.

Use Local Taxis, Trams & Boats

Getting around locally can be part of the fun! In Paris, you will be using the Batobus for most of your coming and going. So you will enjoy glorious views of Paris from the vantage point of the river, passing under its beautiful bridges with people looking down at you as you glide by.

Dine at Outdoor Bistros & Cafes

Oh the glories of dining outdoors. From your first meal along the sidewalk, or across from the cathedral or chateau, or perched on the edge of Mont Saint Michel, you will adopt this as one of your favorite ways of dining.

Visit Outdoor Markets

Markets abroad are not to be missed. The colors. The food. The flowers. The crafts and art. The jewelry, and clothes, and scarves, and leather goods. These markets will among the high points of your trip.